Thursday, November 19, 2009

What!?!? two days in a row? Fail.

I was visiting a school today (as I do everyday.) The teacher and I got into a conversation about students failing. He stated that it is easier to give the student a D- then to fail them. I was shocked. Really? If you give a student an F, then you need to prove that you tried to teach that concept, idea, whatever, etc ten times. We were talking about children who have IEPs (Individualized Education Program) and normal children (who doesn't have an IEP anymore, btw?) so I could get this wrong. The point is it is easier to give a student a D- than fail them. That is the most absurd, asinine thing I have ever heard. What kind of teaching is that? Is the system really set up that way? Some teachers take the easy road when I know this is reality I have been around the block, I taught in the public schools. I know what goes on.

Seriously? This is why society is like it is today. Nobody fails anymore. We give participation trophies to all the kids in little league even though they didn't win a game. We have kids now that can't hold jobs as adults because they were never taught how to learn from failure as a child. Let me share something I teach my children: FAILURE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. We learn from failure. We pick ourselves up off the ground and try again until we succeed. That is what the country is founded on and that is how this country has succeeded for the past 233 years.

I could go on for a while, but I just wanted to share the conversation that I had today. Full disclosure: I taught for a year in public school, my wife taught for four years in middle school, bless her heart, and we home school all four of my children (no IEPs), and live on a farm in the middle of nowhere so you can't find us.


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TERI MANN said...

Very nicely said. I am so glad to hear this finally as I have been saying this for awhile. My boss who was my economics teacher who taught me what i use the most today, checkbooks, taxes, everyday life was pushed out of school because they didn't feel they needed economics anymore(explains why alot of kids can't handle finances)This has gone on in our area for a long time. If you don't want to learn, have learning disabilities, are a problem child, then just pass them & get them out of the system. It's sad but I know people who graduated that can't read, spell, or write hardly at all. It's ones that care or grade properly that seem to get berated in today's school systems. Don't lose that element of caring, you will only be rewarded in the end. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Love Aunt Teri

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