Wednesday, November 18, 2009

who is this?

Don't adjust your computer screen..I am posting. I drove past Kroger's today. They have Christmas trees set out to buy. Did I time travel two weeks into the future? Has Thanksgiving come and gone already? The answer is no. I don't time travel (yet), Thanksgiving hasn't passed me by. Why do the retailers think that Thanksgiving does not exist? Why did I watch a Christmas special on TV BEFORE Thanksgiving?!? Do they think we will spend more money if they advertise earlier? The answer is yes, probably. I won't spend more, but other people might. there is a statistic out there somewhere.

I haven't been out to hunt this fall yet. I have been picking up the slack on the farm lately because Paul has been to the hospital more often than not in the last month. He is doing great btw. I'm am not complaining. I enjoy the work at the farm and I will get out to hunt this fall eventually. The chicken house is almost completed. The kids think the attic is their new playhouse. My brother and his friend came down to hunt Monday, It was nice to see him, can't wait until he stays a bit longer next time.
Well then, I might post again before Christmas... Be sure to follow me on twitter, and even if you don't twitter, just put in your reader subscription and your all set.