Monday, December 14, 2009

I learned many lessons during my college career. One of them being you can't do everything. My freshman year I was in the concert choir, show choir, opera scenes, spring musical, symphonic band, jazz band and saxophone quartet. Plus my course studies, private voice lessons, getting married at Christmas (which I didn't do much in the planning stages, looking back. That's another post.)
I tell you this because every year, our church has a Christmas dinner. I had a friend come up to me yesterday and ask me if I was going. I replied, "I hadn't planned on it, I have all the kids, Stephanie is working." etc. He, in turn, gave me reasons why I should be able to make it. I didn't have to bring anything, there will be plenty of food, good entertainment, just show up, etc. I left feeling bad that I had no intentions of coming. Later on that evening I was thinking about it. I gave him valid reasons. Stephanie works 12 hour days on the weekends, I work 50 hour weeks, not including the private lessons I have picked up during the week AND the farm work. This whole paying down debt thing is takes hard work, patience, time and then some. It would have nice to have been able to go the the church dinner, but it was nice to have an evening to relax. I can't do everything, I learned that lesson about 15 years ago.

Nolan and I baked a cake from scratch last night. It has been dubbed the Watermelon Cake.

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Anonymous said...

My mom agrees. Just because it is a church function doesn't mean you have to go! She says that sometimes it is better to stay at home and have some family time and practice your instruments.(I added the last part.)