Saturday, April 4, 2009

I hang my head in utter shame when I see how long it has been since I posted. The gap is closing. Maybe I will post two days in a row soon. I wouldn't hold my breath. So for last week's recap:
  • Thursday, March 26th: Homeschool day at the capital. Band sounded great. Our van broke down on the way there, (transmission gone) rained ALL day.
  • TuesdayMarch 31st: Pulled broke transmission gave it to mechanic to rebuild.
  • Weds April 1st: Stephanie's birthday
  • Thursday April 2nd :Left early from work to grab a new axle for the work van and replace it. Replaced both outer tie rod ends and one inner tie rod end on the broken tranny van, went to replace the axle on work van, the store gave me the wrong axle, right axle won't be in until Weds April 8th. had to put old cut CV boot axle back on.
  • Friday April 3rd: Stayed home from work because I am working Saturday, Went with the family to run errands The kids bought their new Wii. I looked at the log at the end of the day. We spent 6 hours on that thing the first day. Come Monday it will be back to the 1 hour a day limit. Just like they had with the Nintendo 64. I do like the Wii. You know what I will be doing the night Stephanie is working after I put the kid to be early every night. I also sighted in the .22 long rifle. That is a fun gun to own.
  • Saturday today: Get up and start working on the Geo (again pulling axles.) pick up rebuilt Tranny(for $700, nice price huh?)Work until 3p then put the rebuilt transmission back in before the cold hits Monday Tuesday and Weds. If we have daylight after the tranny then we will start more fence in the pasture.
  • Sunday church, more farm work, Wii, etc. Monday I am working from 7a to 9p, I don't know who is going to be home first Stephanie or me that night. Sorry Paul and Linda the teacher just sprang it on me this morning.....
I am checking out these from the library:

That's it, talk to you later


Stephanie said...

You have a parent meeting on Monday?!

Anonymous said...

G and G think that the Wii playing time should be extended after all there are four kids and every time you play you are upon you feet getting some exercise.