Monday, March 30, 2009

Failure is my best friend

Why did I NOT learn that as a kid growing up? (Stephanie, don't answer that.) Lately, I have a hard time accepting that. but failure is your friend too. it is the only way we learn. People in the past have said I am a "late bloomer," but that only translates as "slow learner."Steph and I are learning that hard way with the financial situation right now. She is working her tail off and the Cracker Barrel, and she brought home a lot of dough her first week serving tables ( all of it going to the student loans...) We both are exhausted, but it feels good now that we have a plan. I am not as depressed now.

Yesterday, driving out the driveway, on the way to church, we saw a ruffed grouse walking along the road. It didn't get spooked when we drove up to it. I tried to get pictures but it was so well camouflaged you couldn't see it in the pictures. It was cool looking though. It is now 7 pm and I am done at work.


Scribbit said...

So you guys feel that way too? When we were in college we had all these huge plans to do all these amazing things and then life kind of catches up. I kind of make myself feel better by telling myself that when the kids leave home we'll still be young to do all that "conquer the world" stuff we planned to do back in college.

Phelan said...

I want to say something, anything to make it feel better. Honestly, I don't know what I could say or do. I really wish things were easier on us all. Maybe. . . some day.

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