Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 days later

I posted just three days ago? I think the gap is closing but still don't hold you breath.  I am sitting in Charleston, WV today helping to cover the office. I had a rental meeting last night and didn't get home until 10p. A nice 15 hour day is ok now and then, I didn't want to get up this morning though. You know how it feels when you wake up in the middle of a dream when you are sleeping hard? That's what it felt like this morning. I actually drank 2 cups of coffee. Do you also know how is feels to type on a nice keyboard? I feel like I am typing 1000 words per minute on this thing . It feels good. I like to compare it to playing a guitar. I have a beginner guitar that is older, but plays well. When I pick up a nice pro guitar, my fingers fly ten times faster. I sound that much better. This feels the same.

Sunday night we huge winds and storms and the 20'x20' canopy we have located right next to our house blew up and over, again. Steph and I were outside about midnight picking up the pieces. Everyone is still deciding what to do with it now. Paul wants to relocate it and still store things there, which is practical, we have things that still need to keep semi dry. Stephanie says the time it will take to set up the canopy is the same amount of time to build the chicken house(we need to cut lumber to build it, that would add another day of work, totaling  that would alleviate the need for the canopy and she would have the chicken coop built. She also thinks the canopy is ugly. I have no opinion right now. I feel like Tevye from the Fiddler on the roof. On one hand, it is nice to have another covered space. and on the other hand, it is big, and if it is there, we will fill the space with something, and I would rather fill the chicken coop with feed and chickens (Did I mention that steph bought 50 chicks that will be shipped to us Weds?) So that is why she is wanting the chicken coop. Don't hear what I am not saying. This isn't the place to gang up on Paul. I am more or less thinking out loud for everyone to read. What do you guys think? 

I won the pool this year for march madness. Guess how much I won? The same amount I bet.$0.00

Michelle shared this nice addition to any mother's wardrobe. My question is how much did that model get paid? I don't know if this is much better?

My Mom and Dad are coming down today, and will be here until Friday. We should stay busy, it will be fun.

We have cut back on the Wii consumption gradually each day. Kellen is spending most of his computer time on Amazon searching the best deals on games and accessories.
I'll leave you with a nice cover from John Mayer


Papaw said...

ok, ok, trying to win a battle with my duaghter is futile! As soon as we get some fences done and cattle separated we will finish the chicken house! (permanent fence along the hay field and some quick temp fences elsewhere). And as long as you don't mind keeping things tarped for now where they are! Give me a few hours of help each day and it will go fast. This, too, won't take long! Of course assuming no more cars break down!

Scribbit said...

Do you know I've never seen Fiddler on the Roof? I feel as if I've seen it but never actually have. Major hole in my cultural knowledge I'm sure.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Papaw-That works for me. :)
Scrib- I would recommend everyone see it as least once.