Friday, March 20, 2009

May 12th was my last post?

I am slacking. sorry I know everyone has been at the edge of their seat waiting for me to write more. Today, I am trying to stay awake. I woke up and helped Paul finish the refrigerator, It hasn't worked well in a few months and now it basically ran as a glorified cooler. Paul has done all the work really. We found a small leak of refrigerant, then vacuumed the system and put more in. Now it is working but it is cold enough. The freezer is down to 20 degrees but the fridge is only at 40. So it need to drop down at least 10 more in the freezer and 5 in the fridge. We also learned that the washer that we have been fixing off and on for the last 2 months, the drum is rusting out, so that is finished. Luckily we have been using another one that will suffice, but not nearly big enough to do all our laundry in a week. Now Stephanie is waiting tables at Cracker Barrel, it is slowing down and yes, I actually have to do some of it too...

Check out the latest episode of awesomeology. Where everything there is awesome. Walt continues to deliver. Here is an example.

Just a couple more links for you to peruse.

Reading this post will only confirm your suspicions of me forming my own militia soon. Articles like this one and this one do not help things much do they?

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?