Saturday, October 4, 2008

Things are slowing down a bit

I am down to 110 hours this pay period and I am actually writing post. I got to take a day off from work this week, and finished tearing down the barn we started Sunday. It was fun. You can see more picture here and here. We have to go back to load up another load of wood, but it was worth it. The 2x6s we scored are beautiful. My hands hurt and I could use a morning to sleep in, but I am not complaining.

We spent the evening at my friend's house hanging out and watching the HD TV. I will admit to you that I like living in the middle of nowhere, and not having the nice technology, and trying to live simple and all that, but that the 50 inch HDTV is worth watching. I enjoy every minute of it and almost wear out my welcome watching everything that I can in the couple hours that I am there.

Back to the barn, we will unload the trailer today after I get home from work and then go back to load the last of the wood probably tomorrow, we might do it tonight, but Paul will be in the middle of something so we will finish that first. I am guessing fencing in the upper hay field for the horses.

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