Friday, September 26, 2008

only 60 hour this week.

I don't share my work hours to brag or to get sympathy (maybe a little), I know there are people in my circle of friends that put in many more hours than I do. I tell you because I'm just sharing  parts of my life with you.
 I am tired, ready to get home. I think I am catching up at work. I was following some things on twitter, and aparantly there is a drinking game to go with the presidential debate tonight, drink for every time Johnny say "my friends," and every time Obama says "change." I would add everytime Obama says  "mmmm." I thought that was funny. One more week of craziness to go.


crystal said...

Thomas says that the drink should be taken after B.O. says "let me make a quick point" LOL!!

delilah said...

Check on YouTube and you can see John M. saying "horse shi*" under his breath with Obama is talking. We missed it at first because it really is under his breath but pretty clear. LOL.