Saturday, July 5, 2008

free photoshop?!?!

I think so, but you would have to win the contest I am entering in by posting this post. BAS is offering it. I don't know about you, but I have never played with photoshop. ever. I know, that maybe blaspheme to some, but I haven't. I would love to start though, and this is my chance. They are also giving away Microsoft® Windows Vista Ultimate (UPGRADE with SP1) and VMware Workstation 6 for Windows as well. I found Mike Aulia there too, he is everywhere. So go check it out, and maybe you can win.


Cheryl said...

You go, guy! Photoshop's way cool.

Michael Aulia said...

LOL! I didn't know that I'm "everywhere"!

Guess it's a good thing, I hope :)

Stephanie said...

Hope you win. I found a tutorial the other day to make your own blog headers, but it takes photoshop! I want to give the blogs a face lift! :)