Monday, July 7, 2008

Cleveland Rocks.

Depending on your definition of rocks. I took a look at the AL Central standings and puked. I couldn't believe The Tribe is in last place. AND they are going to trade CC Sabathia
before the trade deadline at the end of the month. I don't pay attention enough to remember if this situation is similar to the Bartolo Colon trade. I know that CC is in much better condition that Bartolo was in before he was traded. I also remember GM Mark Shapiro being a genius after getting all the prospects for Colon. I can't remember who I think Grady sizemore was in there and two or three more. If Shapiro can do that again, that will be great. I hate seeing Cleveland in last place again.

It reminds me when I was a kid the Indians of the 80's were bad. really bad. but somehow I didn't remember that. I always thought the indians were the greatest. No matter who they were playing and I never remember them losing, even though looking back that what they did. I do remember the old Muninioal stadium. The bathrooms and the long inclines up the levels, the huge marboro sign by the scoreboard and the Old Wahoo swinging the bat at one of the corners entrances. Memories like that make me a baseball fan still today, even when they are last place and trading their star pitcher.


Elliott - 21st Century Dad said...

Happens in every sport. Team struggles. Head coach gets fired or star player gets traded. Team continues to struggle. Management holds a fire sale as soon as they realize they won't make the post-season, even if they play .500 from there on out.

The "other game" is played off the field, in suits and ties.

Anonymous said...

I went down memory lane with you. Dad and I are glad that remember all those games that we took you kids to.I soooooo enjoyed those family times. Now I am feeling old,are you? Love You, Mom

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Yeah, I remember Chief Wahoo twirling around too. I always liked that logo and am so tired of hearing how degrading it is. People just always have to find something to fuss about, I guess.