Saturday, July 5, 2008

calls at work

Today, while at work, I get a call. the caller was older, but she was talking on the phone for somebody else. Did you ever get that? Your talking to somebody, who is actually talking to the person you're talking to on the phone, and it would be easier to just talk to the person that is telling the person on the phone what to say?(clear huh?)

It goes something like this:

me: Kerr's Music World, may I help you?

caller: Um, yes, I wondering if you could answer a question for me.

me: Sure, I'll do my best.

call: Do you know the title of a song, I can only remember part of the lyrics. "on a train to Georgia."(then repeating what the other person in the room is saying)

me: hmmm, nothing comes to mind, I will check on the computer. ( just googled lyric she gave me) is it a country song?

call: YES!

me: is it "blah blah blah?"( some guy I don't know, don't care.)

call: oh yes! that's it, that's it! I can't believe you have it! How much is it? I'll be right down to pick it up.

me: Sorry, we don't carry that in stock, we deal with band and orchestra instruments...blah blah blah...explanation. I would have to order it did you. Did you want the sheet music? We don't carry CD's.(repeating myself about band instruments.)

call: What?!? Then how did you find that answer?!

me: I'm just good on the computer.

call: oh.(silence) thanks for answering it then. bye.


Stephanie said...

you burst her bubble! :)

Cheryl said...

That's too funny. Made me LOL.

delilah said...

That is just plain funny.