Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sheering sheep

Paul picked up a set of sheep shears today, so this evening after I get home from work we will sheer 4 sheep. I think Steph will get pictures, I don't know how we are going to handle the ram. It is a pretty funny sight if you have seen it before. We sit them up on their behinds so they don't fight back. Then have at it and it take us just a couple minutes. Here is a picture of Paul and Terry taking care of Maggie Last year. ( This is before we got the ram, and then obviously before the twins came along) We are weaning the twins now and they are the loudest most annoying things right now. I still haven't decided whether or not buthcer the small ram myself or not. Experience tells me that in the end it will be better to do it myself. Maybe I have been hanging around Paul Miller too much. I keep you up to date. He will be butchered in a month either way.

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Bucky said...

In a previous post you said that it was $40 to butcher the ram. If that includes packing the meat, go for it.