Wednesday, June 18, 2008

exercise is nice.

During vacation last week, I exercised everyday and I can sure feel the benefit of it this week. I miss it really. I am getting up every morning ands working on the farm before I go to work behind my desk. I caught the end of America's got talent last night. I only saw the last guy named Niel. I thought he did well. My first thought was, good he sound great on that song, lets hear him on a couple more that show off his range and tessitura (big word for the range your voice stays at in a song.) yes, there is the whole Britain's got talent winner Paul opera singer who also sang that song to begin with as well. I wouldn't say it was a copycat thing, but I would I would say show me more.

How do you think I can incorporate crib bedding into my blog that never talks about cribs. Except I did catch a glimpse of MTV's cribs once. I was bored. Here is Niel and Paul both for your enjoyment.

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