Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I think Stephanie forgot one thing forvacation

Stephanie, shouldn't have forgot this for vacation. We used to call these Lady Js, which happened to become my MIL's CB handle when we went on trip with multiple cars, back before every one and the mother had a cell phone. oh well your welcome Linda Sue.

I have question. Did the inventor of the Rubik's cube know how to solve it before he marketed it? I found a website that give you the solution just by teaching you algorithms. I guess once you memorize these algorithms, you can solve it under a minute. I have mentioned the Rubik's cube before, and showed videos, but I won't torture you this time.

I didn't get the pictures of the sheep being shorn, I was too busy hold those beast up on their buts while it was being done. We got it done though and they look better because if it.

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