Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Building the water bottle launcher

I mentioned that I built a launcher for Kellen's 4-H project. He is doing the rockets this year along with the rabbits. He needed a launcher to go with his rockets. Stephanie forwarded me some links and I tried to build it the first time and it didn't turn out so hot. We couldn't get the rubber stopper to hold the required amount of pressure it takes to launch. So I went back to the drawing board and found a plan that I liked better, and It only cost $7 to build. I found the plans here.

It works very well. Kellen built a rocket and then I did. Mine can get up too 100psi without breaking the seal. we have it figured that 100psi and about 12 oz of water gets up about 100 or so feet. I have yet to make a rocket that uses more than one rocket, but I know they exist(see below)

I used the tripod to (obviously) stabilize the pipe. I will try to think of a more visually appealing way of doing it.

Here is the video of the multi bottle rocket.

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Stephanie said...

It was a cool and educational project, but I'm not sure who had more fun, you or Kellen! :)