Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tired Tired Tired

No one tells you before you have kids, or even just when you have a baby that the sleepless nights don't end after the baby is walking and talking. It doesn't happen often, but it still happens.

Last night it started with Kellen. It is a pretty regular occurrence with him. He wakes up yelling or crying for one of us. You think he has had a bad dream, but all he really needs to do is use the restroom. Then he goes right back to sleep.

Next it was Nolan who did have a bad dream, and wanted to sleep with us. He quickly fell back asleep in our bed, but squirmed so much he woke me up every hour. Finally, using me as a pillow he settled down and stayed still.

That is when I woke to Vivian crying. I tried to rock her in the rocking chair, but that just made her scream more. She wanted to be in our bed. Four of us simply won't fit, so we moved Nolan back to his bed. Vivian snuggled in our bed, and was quickly snoring.

Seemingly a cue for Nolan to begin screaming in his most shrill and loudest voice. Up again to bring Nolan back to our room to sleep on the floor. We were up at 6:30 to Vivian demanding breakfast. Oh what I would have done today for a few shots of espresso, but we don't own any espresso machines, so I've been making do with normal coffee all day.

Parenting is certainly exhausting at times, but there are also times that make you smile. Last night (before bed) was one of those times. Lydia put on a show for us. Oh if I could just borrow some of her energy! I tired to get the video on but it didn't co-operate so here is a still from it.

She danced for a full five minutes. I was exhausted just watching!

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crystal said...

L had the energy 'cuz she's the one who slept! LOL