Thursday, January 17, 2008

does the busyness let up?

I think we have been busy since the last week of August of last year. This has been a reoccurring theme here, but oh well, that is what is happening. I think our ewe, (Maggie) is expecting. Here milk sac has dropped significantly. I am optimistic. Hopefully the goats are expecting as well. The chickens are up to 5-11 eggs a day (out of 14 hens), which is also good.

I created a facebook profile (because I can) so if you want to go there feel free.

Last night Stephanie did some mystery shopping for vacuum cleaners or something and I had the kids all to myself (much to the delight of Stephanie, you have no idea.) You would think that everything would go over pretty smooth, nothing out of the ordinary, right? No, not so much. She left me with Vivian hungry, Nolan with an early bed time, and Lydia n the couch sick. (And you wonder why I heard Stephanie was singing as she left the house...) After a fine dinner of leftovers, if you'll remember our microwave kicked the bucket a day or two ago, {which I am getting to like more every day} Kellen and I played some classic Nintendo 64 (Mario 64 {I have 52 Stars now} and Zelda Ocarina of Time has been our favorites lately.) I put Nolan to bed, and Lydia fell asleep on the couch. Meanwhile, Vivian is now running around the house in panties, {thanks to mamaw!} without any problems, so that is working out nicely. I get Lydia changed to go to bed, and put her down. While I am sitting Viv on the potty, I hear Lydia calling me from her bedroom saying she doesn't feel good, etc, etc, I comfort her, she seems to be ok, and go back to the youngest sitting on the porcelain god. While tending to her, I hear behind me, "daddy, I {cough, cough hack, hack, blah} and Lydia is standing at her bedroom door tossing her cookies right there. I command her to stay put and let her hack away. Viv has her pants on and I shoo her back to the living room, and continue to watch the vomit. At this point I think she is done, I tell her "ok let's go to the bathroom" ( which is 15 feet away) I pick her up to get her to the aforementioned porcelain god, just as I took a step she lets go again all over me, and her hair, and the carpet (the very thing I was trying to avoid by making her stay put leaving just one pile o' puke. Arby's, from lunch btw, just in case anyone was wondering :) So that was that, I cleaned her up, changed her, cleaned the bathroom and got Kellen to bed just in time for Stephanie to come home. I really wasn't frustrated, or mad at all. It is funny how the husband will do things when he has to, huh ladies? Stephanie smiled politely while I told my story, and I continued to play Mario until we went to bed at 11:00pm.

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