Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

This one is not as in depth as my first Thursday Thirteen, but it is one none the less. (Is that one word , or three?) Oh, well here you go thirteen of the bands/movies/musicals/comedians/composers on my XM Radio that are saved and beep at me when they come up on XM Radio.

1. Tombstone

2. Harry Connick Jr.

3. West Side Story

4. A Little Night Music

5. Switchfoot

6. Joshua Redman

7. Foo Fighters

8. Matrix

9. Chanticleer

10. Frank Caliendo

11. Leeland

12. Pablo Fransisco

13. Aaron Copeland


Stephanie said...

As always quite the eclectic list my dear.

Samantha_K said...

Agreeing with Stephanie on this one. Happy Thursday!

damozel said...

I was glad to see one or two on there that I actually knew (though I'm afraid no favorites!)

The Flatland Almanack --Damozel (adorable animals behaving oddly)

PS. Since you don't have any sort of comment link on the main page, maybe you should tell posters to click on the title to get to comments (?) Some might not realize that it's possible to comment!

Nicholas said...

I don't know what XM radio is but it sounds very interesting. beeping when something you like comes on. Brilliant!