Friday, December 14, 2007

Another video(or 2) worth watching.

So I got a letter from Nick J. Rahall responding to my NAIS letter. He said absolutely nothing in it what so ever. It was a total of six sentences. It is worthless to even try to communicate to these people. (meaning my congressmen and senators) why do we eve question the approval ratings? There's a reason that America doesn't approve of the job the president AND the congress is doing. Congress hasn't done squat except spend my money. And now now Miss Hillary is telling me she's going to raise taxes and I expect her to do a better job then W? I going to stop typing now and go drink a coke, or red bull, or something. Blood is shooting out of my eyes as we speak. Enjoy the videos, I think I will go shop for drug rehabs. This is driving me nuts.

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