Thursday, December 13, 2007

My wife is pretty popular

Today my wife is being featured at frugal hacks. She doesn't disclose these things to me at all. I have to find it out just like everyone else. She has a nice picture of her as well. I need to shop for diamond rings. She would then kill me, bring me back to life, and make me take it back because I spent too much money on her.

Yesterday I told you that Kellen had his baby lower canine teeth pulled because they were getting in the way of the permanent ones and not coming out on their own. So, the dentist came out to the waiting room and sat down and talked with me to go over the procedure, which I thought was fine. Then he comes out with Kellen to go over post- op stuff, which everything was fine there were no post op complications at all. The biggest surprise was that that afternoon, he actually called the house to see how Kellen was doing. I have never heard of any doctor or dentist calling you up after your visit to see if you were doing ok. It was him, not his office secretary, the actual dentist. That made me feel good.

Any one paying attention to the P.O.T.U.S. debates? I have not either.


crystal said...

You know I'm paying attention! Fred rocked the Iowa debate!
Glad to hear Kellen is doing well with his extraction! You didn't even plug your dentist! who do you guys see?

Stephanie said...

DR Bowles in Milton. He is great!

crystal said...

SIL sees him. She LOVES him! Our stOOOOOOOpid insurance doesn't cover him. Just our luck huh?