Tuesday, December 18, 2007

sick and whining

Yesterday was fun, I worked 13.5 hours and I was sick the entire day. I had sinus something and didn't take any thing for it because I am a man and do not take anything thing. (not really, I didn't have anything at the time.) I persevered, and today I am doing much better because I did take something, I am still tired.
This past weekend went quick. We got 13 new chickens for free! It is exciting. They haven't been laying consistently, but the family we got them from didn't keep a light in with them either. So after a few weeks we will know if they are laying or going to be eaten. If they do start to lay, then we will have more eggs then we know what to do with. Nine or ten a day, that's a lot. I will be in the office all day tomorrow, so I will post some more popup blockers.

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crystal said...

well, ya know, eggs from yard chickens are lower in cholesteral than industrialized eggs. So make eggs your new favorite food. I'm just sayin! I do hope they start laying for you, that would be very cool indeed! Tell Steph to bring all those extras to co-op, you'll soon see that those chickens aren't laying ENOUGH!