Monday, November 19, 2007

Man of Steel

Did you know that I am a man of steel? No, really, I am made of steel. Well, at least one of my wrist is. I know that some of you have heard this story, but here it is for the rest of you.

Back, oh about six years ago, my brother gave me a snowboard that he didn't use. We were working with teenage boys at the time, and a favorite winter activity was to take them to the local Metro Parks to go sledding, and boarding. It was a blast!

Some friends of ours offered to take me to one of the local ski areas for free. I jumped at that opportunity. I pretty much had the hang of the board, and was looking forward to trying it on some real slopes, and who can pass up on a free outing?

We went at night, and that only added to the thrill. It was fun, and I was really enjoying heading down some bigger hills and pushing my skills. It was getting late, and we were all getting tired, but decided we had time for one more try. We should have just gone home.

I went to go around a corner, hit an icy patch, the board went forward, and I went back. I'd fallen a 100 times that night, but this time when I tried to catch myself, my wrist bent back, way back. It was broken, shattered. They had to put me back together with a steel plate.

The wrist really doesn't bother much, too often, but every once in awhile it just aches. A few months back Steph got a sample of Freeze It Gel. I used it after I chopped wood one day, and it worked really well. The sample is gone, but I'm wondering if it would help for my aching wrist.

According to the Freeze It website, it is good for the following:

* Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
* Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain
* Arthritis, Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints
* Muscular Strains

I think that covers it. This post may even win me a year supply of it. That sure would take care of the ache in my wrist, and any other muscle pains that I get from working around here.

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