Saturday, November 3, 2007

I "slept" on the couch last night

The girls are both sick, but they don't seem to have the same thing. Lydia has a cold in her sinus'. Poor thing is all congested, and it hurts between her eyes. She tries to blow, but is having a hard time with it, and her nose is getting sore.

Vivian doesn't really seem sick. There is no runny nose, no cough, and only a very slight fever. She did throw up once, but other than that no real symptoms. She just isn't herself. She does still play, but she isn't eating well, and is sleeping a lot; during the day anyway.

Last night we put the girls to bed. Viv has been having a hard time getting to sleep, and Lydia has not been sleeping very soundly. Needless to say the two of them in the same room was not working out well. They kept waking each other up. We finally brought Viv out and I rocked her while we watched a movie. Then I put her down, and both girls seemed to finally be sleeping well.

Sleeping well until about 3:00 AM that is. Back I went to get Vivian, and bring her back to bed with us. We've had some squirmy kids in our bed, but Vivian has to be the worse. There is no sleeping with that child. She tosses, and has a particular fondness for sleeping sideways in the bed. It was even worse last night because she wasn't feeling well and kept waking up.

Finally, at about 6:00 AM, I could stand it no longer. She was finally sound asleep, but I was hanging off the side of the bed. I went to the couch. Not that I was much more comfortable there, maybe we need a better couch from someplace like, Bush furniture. I never did fall asleep again, but at least I wasn't getting pushed off the edge. She now has been napping for about two hours, and I am walking around zombie like. Parenting is a raw deal sometimes.


crystal said...

Oh no. Poor babies and POOR POOR MAMA! I hope they're feeling better soon!

Phelan said...

Hope they are feeling better.

We have a king sized bed, but you get my oldest and my husband crashed out on it, no one else can even find a spot to lay!