Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another one that is all girl. . .

We've always wondered about how Lydia got to be such a girlie girl. She has always loved babies, jewelry, makeup, dress up and all those girl type things that her mother is not really into. We figured it must be some sort of genetic bloop.

Then along comes Vivian. She is now 20 months, and oh what a girl! She may even be more so than Lydia ever was. She has learned well from her older sister I guess. She regularly can be found carrying a baby in one arm and a purse in the other. She likes to get Lydia' fake pearl necklace and walk around in it, so proud of herself.

For the past couple of weeks, I kept finding Nolan's clothes all over the boy's bedroom. It was driving me nuts, and I kept telling him that he didn't need to throw everything out to find a shirt. I kept making him pick them all up. The clothes kept ending up on the floor.

The other day I walked in and found the truth behind the clothing on the floor. There Vivian stood at Nolan's dresser, T-shirts all around her, naked doll in her hands, trying to put one of Nolan's shirts on the doll.

Apparently she did not realize that there is a whole crate of baby doll clothes in her closet.
I showed her the stash, and we put an appropriate shirt on the doll. The baby has been dressed ever since, and the Nolan's clothing has stayed in the drawers!

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