Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What date is it again?

You know I started the rental season in Late August. Thinking ahead I thought I might wrap it up oh let's say the end of September maybe a week into Oct. It lasted that long alright, I am still renting horns. Don't get me wrong, the more horns I rent, the more money I make. I haven't posted here for a while because I end up starting a post and then run out of time. Like I just did.

My parents are coming down for a couple days tomorrow, that is exciting. I will go out hunting again this weekend. I hope I can get another one, The last time I went out I took a shot and missed by about 5 inches. I was not a happy camper, but I wasn't that mad, just disappointed. I would have also had to drag it all the way up the hill from the creek. I think I will be down that way again this weekend, they don't seem to be coming up the hill where I usually sit.

I was looking at guns the other day to check out prices, and they are not too bad, If you ask Stephanie I will have to sell the Subaru first. That is the case with all big purchases. Any one want to buy a nice Subaru Legacy outback limited for the low price of $4000?it is a 1998, with 200K miles on it. the NADA book says $4400 is the value, I subtracted for the miles. email me!

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