Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I will never get away from kissing my cousin.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of West Side Story debuting on Broadway. It is one of my favorite musicals. It debuted in 1957. had five tony nominations, and won two.(best costume and best choreography) best musical went to the Music Man. Just a little useless trivia that I have stored in my head.

I preformed this when I was a Senior in High School. It was one of the most memorable things from my high school experience. My mom still has a picture of me on her living room wall. The cast was all of my friends and I had a great time. I was Tony and my cousin was Maria. yes, I had to kiss her. I think more than once if I remember right. That is the thing that no one will ever stop teasing me about when the subject comes up. I think it is funny. That was the start of many musicals and opera performances through out my life. ( i did have role before that in HS, but this was by far the most memorable.)I don't preform any more now a days, I do sing in the car a lot when driving. My fear is that I will be singing so loud that I won't hear the beep in my ear and the phone will automatically answer and hear me singing in their ear......

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