Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where did stop the ride go?!?!, Stephanie's popular frugality blog, with an average of 900 hits a day, and over 2500 pages that link to it, is gone as we once knew it. It is now I may be letting the cat out of the bag early, but oh well, everyone is going to find out soon enough. It is funny to have my wife be the web master of the house. She will play it off that she knows nothing when it comes to web pages, but I argue that it doesn't take an html( hyper text markup language, in case you ever wondered) genius to have a popular web page.

I am waking early again to get to work now that the schools are in. This pay period I will have over 110 hours. It doesn't seem like that much, but the pay checks are nice. I am busy with work so I will try to keep you updated. through out the weeks.


crystal said...

"This pay period I will have over 110 hours"
That much? Holy Mackerel! Tell me that's 2 weeks?!??!
Chris puts in 110-120 every two weeks and I think it's excessive.

delilah said...

I get excited when I get 60 hits a day.

Stephanie said...

900 hits is an exaggeration. That would be a on a good day, but not an average.