Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Going to the orthodontist is fun?

I think it is fun anyway. Of course it is not my teeth they are working on. When I went to the orthodontist, years ago, it was a pretty boring office. Your typical doctor type office; uncomfortable waiting room, lots of magazines, nothing exciting.

Kellen's orthodontist makes it a comfortable experience for everyone. The office has contemporary office furniture. The waiting room has a TV, gas fireplace, and even a computer with internet access for the waiting parents. There are two attached smaller rooms for the kids too. One has a mini theater playing kids movies for the little kids. The other has an air hockey table and video games for the bigger kids. Even the exam rooms are decked out in kid friendly decorating and have small TV's with cartoons playing.

We really enjoy going to the orthodontist, though Kellen isn't so sure after the visit when his teeth are hurting. The staff seem to sincerely care about the kids. They even had a family day a couple of weekends ago where they rented out a local wave pool and invited all the patients, friends and family for swimming and pizza.

I know where the money comes for all of this. We make a nice little payment every month, but it is nice to see that some of that money is used for the kids, and not just to give the dentist a nicer house and car. If we have to go to the orthodontist, at least the experience is somewhat enjoyable.

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