Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Trailer Full of Stuff

Papaw bought another trailer home. Yep, it is starting to look like a trailer park around here. No not really, but we like to tease about it. It is down toward the skinny ridge and you can't see it from the other houses. It needs a lot of work, but the price was right. It will be for Eric and his kids until something better comes along. Then it will probably be used as a guest house.

The people that he bought it from, well I never met them, but from all reports were your stereotypical trailer park types. Part of the deal with buying the trailer was that they would leave much of the furniture. Well, they were moving out of state and basically loaded their vehicles and left everything else; trash, groceries, you name it. Most of it could not be salvaged. It was really beat up, dirty, and smelly. We burned a lot of it.

One thing that was salvageable was the computer monitors; over a dozen of them. Apparently this guy bought a large lot of them and other computer equipment at an auction for practically nothing. The monitors are older models, but some were brand new. There were several different brands, including a viewsonic monitor or two. I guess he pieced together computers and sold them dirt cheap, but at a significant profit. Resourceful isn't it?

We kept a couple monitors for our use and Freecycled the rest. Actually, I think there may still be a few in the shed. Anyone need a monitor?

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