Friday, May 18, 2007

280th post

I am sure there is a word for 280 somewhere. I will try to update you daily, but I can't guarantee anything. Yesterday Paul and I repaired part of the fence where a tree fell on it. It turned out pretty good. Then we drove more steel posts where the sheep and the goats are going to clear for pasture. We should get more livestock on June 2nd. The Lucasville Flea market is then. We had a lot of fun last fall when we went, and they have it three or four times a year.

Today I have the Tristate Homeschoolers picnic, and the band is going to preform too. Those of you who don't know, I am the Tri-State Homeschoolers band director. *Head growing as we speak* I took over in January, and it has been going well, so far the kids really want to learn and practice daily (for the most part). We have our last performance at the West Virginia Christian Home Educators Conference. That's a pretty big conference. I attended last year. It was ok. When the moms told me we were going to preform there and it took me about a week to realize what it was. I thought " Oh that CHEWV conference! There's going to be a bunch of people there!" I'm nervous and excited at the same time. It should go well. The kids have had to work really hard since I took over. I sense that I push them a bit harder than they are used to, but I also see them only once a week, and that isn't much. They seem to be adjusting well. They also call me the human dictionary.

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Stephanie said...

Don't let him fool you! I am cleaning up the kitchen (from their lunch while I was hitting garage sales) while he is back outside doing some kind of manly farm work! ;)