Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Wife a bad cook?!?! ... I am the human Dictionary?

Man, I am telling you if her dishes taste as good as here pictures portray, than this gal blows my wife away!

BTW, I learned I new word yesterday, and I would love to share it with you. Here it is:
You may click on the word for its definition. This word comes to you because in my HS Band that I teach, I am qouted as being the human dictionary. If you know me very personally (appearantly these kids do not) you will know me as NOT a human dictionary. But with my friend Randy around, he and I like, adore, hancker for, luxuriate in, savor, revel in love to use rather different words, and how to use them. A rather nerdy thing, if I don't say so myself. For example, we have a debate on what the plural form of roof is. Roof as in the roof of your house. Is it rooves? or roofs? or maybe just roof. i.e.Look at all the rooves! or Look at all the roofs! or Look at all the roof! The same thing applies when we use moose in a sentence. Is it meese? Mooses? No, it is just moose. Look at all the moose. I will let you look it up for the answer....
Back to the band story I only used the word affluent in a sentence for something I forget in what context I used it in. They then proceeded to call me the aforementioned nickname and I retorted " Affluent is not a big word. It's not like I am using the word "ubiquitous"!
And so I was telling that story to Randy and he said "You are so sesquipedalian!"


Stephanie said...

She does have awesome pictures! Mr Dictionary!

crystal said...

I'm steering clear of you,, I have
he he he.