Saturday, May 19, 2007

Work on Saturday

Today Paul and I finished up the sheep/goat pasture. It is almost 3 acres with an electric fence (3 wide strands). She likes it in there and there is plenty to eat. Hopefully when we put the goats in, they will clear it out. This morning we woke up to 6 dead baby rabbits. It got too cold out last night. So we started over with her. She was bred successfully this morning. There are still no signs of the others coming. We will wait and see. So 28-30 days from now we will have more baby bunnies.

While we were hard at work the ladies went to Milton for the city wide garage sales. They came home with practical things and clothes. Stephanie not spending even $20.

Today my voice teacher and mentor, Todd E. Ranney had his Doctorate recital. I really wanted to go see and hear him, but I couldn't make it. I obviously had some work to do around the farm. Hopefully I can grab a recording somehow. Anyway he says he has to write a paper, and the recital. So good luck to you Todd, I know you can do it! ( Did I mention that he already has two bachelors, two masters and an Artists diploma?) sheesh....

I am glad the Cavs are moving on. Mitch got to go up and see game 5 where they lost, but he said he still had a good time.

Hazel and Terry are down again, and they will down again next weekend, with Jake and Delilah and their kids and Miles and Ashley. It should be fun.

That's all from the 100 acre wood for now. I think we will be making our own pizzas for dinner. I better start cleaning up the kitchen.

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