Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday and Tuesday

Monday went went to my mom's freinds house for a cook out and swim. It was really nice, but the pool was 76ish degrees. It stayed cool and rained off and on all day, but the kids had a good time playing and Kellen and Nolan had a birthday cake and a couple presents.

Tuseday we went to my cousin's Mandy and Jason as stated in previous post. It was warmer. We got to see most of my dad's family and all of my cousins. There was the big Fredericksburg 4th of July parade. All the kids got so much candy...We then walked down to the ball field and watched the Life flight land and looked into it. I told Stephanie when you have rode in a Coast Gaurd 9 million HALO, The tiny life Flight isn't that big, but it is to the kids and all the Amish.
We ate and swam, and I played Poker, horseshoes, and bocce ball which was really fun. Jason's brother had bought a lot of fireworks. I mean a lot. He had boxes and boxes. There was one box that had 1600 firecrackers rolled up and one big fuse. When he went to light it, only 10-20 went off. So he would try again. We didn't get the expected 5-10 minute sustained cracking we expected. So what does he do next? He threw the entire roll in the fire. No kidding. So then there was the 10 minute popping I expected, but there was a side effect(of course) The firecrackers had made a volcanic ash discharge that went everywhere, and covered everything. The umbrella over the table and the pool was close. It was pretty funny.

So that was Monday and Tuesday.

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Stephanie said...

Those of us who got covered in ash did not find it too funny! Nor did Nolan who coverd his ears for hours after!