Sunday, July 9, 2006

Man, what a week....

So as I stated the last post or so, I went on Vacation to my mom and dad's for the week and it was jam packed, people filled, bumper boat action, 1600 firecrackers all at one time filled week.

We did all that and more this week I will gladly share what we did the entire week, but not now, I am soooo tired and going to bed right after I click on publish post.

We got back today Sunday afternoon, and the trip back went fairly smooth. the kids are in bed, and it is dark and quiet. I didn't know there was that much traffice headed down 501 toward Frericksburg all the time. but it wasn't bad at all.

I will let you in on a secret. BUT you must keep it a secret. really. I am not telling anyone else but you. This week Stephanie and I learned how to play Texas hold'em. Tuseday while at Mandy and Jason's house for the 4th, I sat in on a game starting with ten players and came in 6th ( which I thought was pretty good) but then dad smoked everyone. And I tried to warn them, but to no avail. he came out on top winning the pot. So after that Dad taught steph and mom (and me more) that next night then we continued to play the next three nights. I sorry mom the cats out of the bag.

More tomorrow. I think I might go to now. (just kidding) It is really bed time..

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