Friday, April 14, 2006

I am Opie

Ok I was telling my boss about my day, and how I had to put some pressure on some teachers to pay their bill. She replied: "You have such an Opie face. You are so honest it is funny." I guess that is a compliment. but man I am turning 30 7 days and I STILL look like I am 15? come on... anyway ...
continue to pray for Jake he is still in the hospital and its not looking so hot here this week. Let's pray that he is healed and can get the heck out of there.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's not a bad thing to have an honest face, especially if you're an honest person! What happened to the Opie image? Doesn't come up.
Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tim, and welcome to the "over-the-hill" club. Don't worry about it too much, though. To us old-timers, you'll always be YOUNG!
Aunt Nancy

isunshine said...

Happy Birthday! I'll catch up with you in Sept. amy

Jake said...

Happy b-day Tim, I guess this just leaves me in the under 30 category for the family. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Hope it was a great one.

Grandma Apple and Aunt Mary