Monday, April 10, 2006

Everything Flying By

Almost everything you could imagine happens at our house. I think the real catylist is Nolan. He is in the middle of everything can get his hands into. Whether it is picking on his older siblings, to "loving" on his little sister. Oh and there's the kitchen. Besides being outside, the kitchen is hie favorite place to be. We have a cabnet where all the canned boxed food is kept and he is in there finding somethine to eat almost every hour. If we don't get to him in time, we almost always have cereal, graham crackers, or ritz crackers to sweep up off the floor. He needs to dump the entire box to get at what he wants.

The other two are growing up nicely. I think it always happens when you have more kids, the others seem much older already.

Vivian is doing well. She is more alert, and staring at you when you hold her. She also has her days. Most of the time she is good during the day, but at night it is a different story.We think she likes to stay up a little longer and then go to sleep at 9-10ish. By that time I am wasted and don,t want to hold up my eyelids any longer, and I am not paying attention and besides she is attached to Stephanie for the most part the whole evening anyway I am in my own world ready to go to bed but distracted by the tv,computer, or my palm as Stephanie puts it.

Right now I a m in Taco Bell waiting to go to my last teacher who requires me to be there at 1:00pm & no earlier. I had twos teachers on spring break that gave me a hole to do something productive like blog and eat a crunchwrap surpreme.... My back is better now and I don't think I will ever drive the POS dodge van of mine again if I can help it. It threw me for a loup for a week my back hurt so much that I could barely get out of my car.

But Jake has it much worse... he has had a huge temp for a week now and hasn't gotten over it yet...

I think I will go to my last stop now. later..

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