Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some new bands

I listen to the xm Radio( Thanks to Jake!) and I have found a couple new bands that I have gravitated to recently. Here are their websites.

Mute Math

Mae is more rockish and Mute Math is more technoish, and rock combined. Both set up very well musically.

Steph is moving more and more slow as the weeks go on, I don;t know if it will get past Feb. The Dr. Said give him a call when it happens he doesn't think so. Which leads me to believe it might wait until March 14th. We have been kicking around names but nothing really set. We haven't thought of boys names at all really.

Man I don't mean to rub it into you guys but.............. Can you really have a job that you don't think about at all? I have no pressure, I enjoy it and the bosses compliment you about how hard you are working, but You think to yourself...." I am not really working hard.... I am just doing what they tell me to...." When people ask me " So How's the job going?" I think they need to hear something negative, to hear me piss and moan about things at work , and really there isn't anything to complain about. I am doing something I went to school for, the days go by like I was 10 years old again and I am getting home to spend time with my kids and make my prego wife happy. btw I get the 5-7 weeks off that teachers get too so If I want to make money in the summer I can, but If I want to go on a vacation I can. Band Camps don't get started until the beginning of August, and schools end in June.

I am resting in the Lord more getting His Joy from Him and not leaning on other to find happiness, not letting things that could get to me get me down, and all that. The Lord is showing me more and more the difference between life and death.

Man can it get any better than this? I mean it. It is good and I feel lucky to be here.

Boomer give me a call soon.


Papaw said...

Be sure to read my comment on Delilahs post. It is our turn to name the kid!

Stephanie said...

Yes Tim has a great job that is a perfect fit for him. And though it seems like it "just happened," it really has come after 11 years of being taught patience and contentment. Learning to wait on the Lord for the solution instead of jumping at the first thing to come up or forcing our own solution! Wow depending on HIm realy works! We must be slow learners!