Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feb 14th

I did absolutely nothing for anyone on Valentine's Day. Does this make me an unromantic, unloving, unappreciated jerk of a husband? No I don't think so. Stephanie didn't give me squat. And that's just fine with us. After being married 11 years, and broke at this point of the year we don't find it necessary to give gifts for a made up holiday that stores push hard. I had to go to walmart on Monday to get a dog leash to pick up Pac from the vet, ( he got fixed) and there was literally no space in the valentine card aisle. You couldn't get anything or anyone through there. The whole store was busy and it was only 2:00pm.

We rented the 40 year old virgin last night and it was more stupid than we thought. Don't get me wrong, I was crying at the wax scene I was laughing so hard. Too many f bombs and talking about the woman's part too much (p word remember Kellen reads these things...) the boss really freaked me out when she started to sing, and then when Andy broke out into Aquarius at the end is was hilarious. But stupid, needless to say I was the only one laughing Steph really thought is was stupid. But we didn't think it would be that stupid or we wouldn't have rented it.

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Stephanie said...

I think Tim is romantic, but I guess I have a different definition of it! I think I will post it on my blog.

As for the movie . . . Comedies aren't usually my favorites and yes this was more stupid comedy than we thought. It was also the "unrated" version and the vulgarity was overdone!