Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cryin' Ryan and the top 20 Artists on my XM radio list

ok Today was the day I predicted Stephanie to go into labor and have our 4th offspring....Well it's not gonna happen. She hasn't been showing any signs of anything since I wrote back in early Feb. So I guess it will be the 14th o' March and that's that.

Is it me or has NASCAR really become mainstream these past two years? I listen to a lot ( and I mean a lot) of Sports radio in my car and Ryan Newman( #12 Alltel Dodge) was on talking about how he dislikes NASCAR's decision about the whole Jimmie Johnson's (# 48 Lowe's Chevrolet ) Crew chief getting suspended and all that, which I don't really care about but the point being is when was the last time you heard about a NASCAR driver on ESPN radio? And ESPN making a huge deal about NASCAR? I know it is the first race of the season and Daytona and all that , but I do not remember anything about NASCAR even 5 years ago. ( Then again I have only been casually keeping up with the sport for a year or two.

On my XM machine it allows you to save twenty artists or songs that will let you know what channel it is playing on. This is a nice feature beause I have a nice variety in taste ( I think).

In no particular order:

Foo Fighters
Weird Al Yankovic
Mike and Mike (radio)
Dan Patrick (radio)
Bill O' Reilly( radio)
The Herd( radio)
John Mayer
George Gershwin
The Killers
John Reuben
The Violet Burning
Steely Dan
Mute Math


judeandelise said...

Jake bought me The Killers CD. It is awesome.

Jake said...

Cryn Ryan? What's that about? He was voicing his opinion about Chad Knaus, he is known to push the limits of the rules and was actually suspended last year but got off with probabtion. Jimmy Johnson did a great job winning the race. Newman does need to give Jimmy the recognition of the race win, but last year Jimmy's car did fail part of post race inspections after 2 or 3 wins (the reason for the suspension last year) All in all Gordon still takes it all with his crying. Newman isn't very vocal most of the time. I'm suprise you didn't mention anything about reckless Tony Stewart?

Applehead said...

One of my co workers called him that when I told him I liked Ryan.He is a big Tony stewart fan.I tried not to say I really liked Ryan ( I don't know why)I told Kellen I thought the cheater guy would win the Daytona 500. The press really narrows a topic down and only talks about what they want to, and doesn't put anything in the right context most of the time.

Jake said...

You should ask your coworker why Tony took out 2 cars on Sunday, Gordon and Kenseth.
Newman was voicing his opinion before the post race inspection of Johnson's car, simply stating he wouldn't be suprised if it didn't pass inspection.

Applehead said...

It was a coworker form the nursing home... This is not a huge thing for me I don't even follow it that closely. didn't take much to get you going didn't it?

Jake said...

Nope it didn't. When NASCAR starts better watch out.