Wednesday, February 8, 2006

no more pics

I took the slide show off because I don't have any more pictures to upload at the moment. If I have time I will upload more when I take more. I also updated some links too. I came across a Martin tenor Saxophone and My repair guy says it is worth some money, that's cool.


Anonymous said...

Ron wants to know where you found the sax. I want to know what was in the envelope Paul was showing to Linda in the Christmas photo. How's that for being nosy?
Aunt Nancy

Applehead said...

I got the sax from a School in East Carter County KY. That envelaopr is just a christmas card, I think nothing really exciting.

judeandelise said...

It may have been a letter we gave Paul. It was typed in a very LARGE font so he could read it. He's was having a difficult time reading his small print Bible so we got him a large print one. I wrote the letter to be funny.