Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The wife has joined in

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She said she is making up for the times I do not post, because I am taking away from her time. and that's true to an extent. Husbands, when you are saying yes to other things, you find yourself saying no to your wife and family. I not saying that you have to be whipped, I am saying please your wife and she will let you do your thing. Jake I forgot about Mediveci (see other post) Steph says it should have been for lydia. There is a lake is Alaska name Lake Mediveci. I didn't spell it right. It is longer than that but it is pronounced med-uh-vee-chee. Jake wanted to name Jude this also. This lake was sweet, it had to have been 20-30- feet deep and we could see right down to the bottom of it. I just took my water bottle and drank deep. We are all going back there, I think it will be with the kids, but I would want to have all my kids experience that so will be awhile. If i want all my kids there than I have to wait probably ten years or so for thie last one to come of age, That will Kellen 17, Lydia 14 and Nolan 12. I think Nolan and th youngest could handle it by then. Jude will be 14 too, I think and Elise will be 11-12ish too, so we have some time to save up our cash!We still haven't figured out names yet I am sure it will be 72 hours after he/she is born again before we pick one out.


Papaw said...

TEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would make me 66 years old. You guys must have a lot of confidence in me!

judeandelise said...

Well, you guys already told me I wouldn't be able to do it so.....Man that annoyed me. I guess I shouldn't care since you guys have tried twice and haven't made it all the way!

I expected you to post on the men and women friends topic. What Up?

Stephanie said...

That lake was incredible! It is glacier fed and you just can't believe the clear blue color of it! Tim also told me he didn't think I'd be going (on the hiking part) I have mixed feelings about that. It pushed me to my limit last time, but I was 4 months pregnant! Maybe D and I could go part way and turn around! (Up to the mud hill?)