Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Last weekend

Ok we had some friends over form church on Sunday, and that was fun we don't really get to know other people that well because we live far away from church. But of course that was not the real excitement of the weekend, on Saturday, We worked on the house and then the Ladies "planned" where they wanted to put things like the garden and whatever else they wanted, and we decided where the maintenance barn was going to be. So while everyone was talking about what they wanted in the garden and where and why this and why that, I got to roaming around and saw this nice thick grapevine hanging down over the hill (out of sight of everyone else) and so I tested it and It had to be at least 4" thick. I grabbed it and pulled hard to see if it could hold me I am up to 230 llbs now so I thought if it can hold me, it can swing me to. It did hold me so I thought ok this should be fun....The bottom was curved just right to step out and swing on it, so that's what I did. And of course the thing held me for about a second and a half, then it broke loose at the top, sent me crashing down landing on my butt, with the rest of the tree landing on me and scratching my face up pretty good. All of which took about three minutes. as I hit the ground and moaned as the tree fell on me, all the rest of the family came wondering over to see what I did and of course laugh, as I am usually the source of entertainment for the whole family. Here is a picture, It is healing up rather well.
Oh I forgot I did lead worship at the Vineyard in Charleston Sunday (scarred face and all) and it went well.

Stephanie is snoring really loud, last night she woke me up again and I slept the rest of the night on the couch. Then Nolan wakes me up because he's hungry. I know it is practicefor the baby, but the bassinet is at the end of my bed and I know I will not be waking up if the baby is just at the end of my bed.


judeandelise said...

I am sure Stephanie appreciates you telling everyone she was snoring! Since I have a cold, I am all stuffed up and I was snoring last week. Jake woke me up and yelled at me in the middle of the night. He couldn't go sleep on the couch because my mom and Justiene were staying with us!

Stephanie said...

My thoughts exactly! Thanks for sharing! I also have a pretty bad head cold!

And it wasn't the sound of the tree or Tim's moaning that we all heard. It was the yelling. Not exactly sure what was said, but I don't think I'd want it repeated in front of the kids!

Jake said...

Too funny. Some one has to provide the entertainment, it might as well as be you.
Delilah was snoring so loudly that I had to go into the office and play on the computer. She quit snoring and I thought this is my chance to go back to bed and fall asleep. And you wouldn't you know it, as soon as I opened the bedroom door she started snoring again. Just couldn't win that night.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if that was a muscadine vine. Have heard of at least two cases locally of KIDS being badly hurt swinging on them. (And they probably didn't weigh 230 pounds!) I'll have to say that it does sound like fun, swinging on a vine like Tarzan -- no wonder those videos show up on America's funniest home videos! Hope things heal up quickly for you.
Aunt Nancy