Friday, May 27, 2005


I played with this blogger code thing and this is what I found out about my blogging.( which is not fall off).......

I've been blogging for 1-3 months. I don't own a domain, but I have my own web address. I use Blogger, BigBlogTool, upsaid or other similar service to update a site on my own web host. I have quite a few links, and I try to check in on them all regularly, or at least periodically. I check my stats occasionally, mostly to discover new blogs that are linking to mine. I don't link to, nor read, any of the standard A-list blogs (Megnut, Kottke, Robot Wisdom, etc.). In fact, I've never heard of 'em. I try to post once a day, but it doesn't always happen, and that's no big deal. I blog from either home or work, but only after my work is done and when I get some free time. Nearly all the topics I blog are personal experiences or original writing that can't be found elsewhere on the web. I might flirt a little with other bloggers, but anything beyond that is out of the question. I have posted quite a few photos of myself, but I was fully clothed in them all, thankyouverymuch. I usually check out most of the surveys I run across, but I only blog the results if I find them interesting or favorable. Friends know about my blog, but I generally don't talk about it with some groups (ie: family and/or co-workers) because they probably wouldn't get the whole blogging concept.

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