Friday, May 27, 2005

not much more

Well it has been a couple of weeks and I really don't have much stuff too type about. I am really busy just working all the time and sucking everylast minute out of every weekend I have. This week I went down to Wva and took the Postal Exam 473 Battery. There were about 700 people there to take this test, and they had two sessions with both of them full. I think I did pretty well, I prepared for it. Knowing what was going to be tested and how to memorize the last section. Over all I am excited to see what my score was. I will know in about 3 weeks. I had lunch with my friend Nicole, who I haven't seen in a long time. It was soo good to talk to her. I had a reuben with fries and the waitress was really bad.( She must have been having a bad day). The memorial day weekend is coming up and it will be a first 3day weekend in a long time. I even get UPS off. Later....

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