Monday, July 21, 2008

fair week.

It is Monday and I have spent the entire morning running errands for this week. Dropping off a water pump core, parking my four wheeler, getting feed in Milton, and stopping by the fairgrounds to buy week passes for Steph, Lydia and myself. The office doesn't open until 2pm. So I have to go back there again. I had to park the four wheeler in my parking lot, because the dealer is not open on Mondays. I went to buy a pad lock to lock the hitch (so no one decided they can back right up and pull out with a nice quad) and the lock was too big. So add that to the list of stops. There has been my Monday so far, weigh in is at 6p tonight. I drove past the building where the rabbits will be, it is sooooo small. We are used to the Wayne County fair that everything is dwarfed in comparison.

Did you remember it is Kellen's 10th birthday today? He's over half way to legal adulthood... Steph posted more too. Drop by and tell him happy b-day. Or better yet buy him some handcrafted jewelry! Well, maybe not.

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Stephanie Appleton said...

They aren't open on Mondays?! That is nuts!