Friday, April 18, 2008

100 Things about me.

Ok Here you go:

  1. I have four children
  2. I have one wife
  3. I have only lived in two states (OH,WV)
  4. I have three cars
  5. I haven't had a car payment since 2001
  6. My first car was a 1984 Toyota Camry with 264,000 miles on it I paid $1500 cash.
  7. My first job was (with a real paycheck) McDonald's. I worked there for a year until I moved to college.
  8. I didn't know how to change the oil in my car until I was 23 years old.
  9. I have been married to my one wife for 13 years
  10. I graduated college in 1998
  11. I didn't use my college degree until 2006
  12. I drive a company car
  13. You can't see any of my gray hair (that's if I have any)
  14. My favorite band is Switchfoot
  15. I wear a size 12 shoe
  16. I use a palm treo7550p
  17. I still bite my fingernails
  18. I never have made birthday invitations
  19. I like Coke Zero
  20. I think Sam Hornish Jr, is my new favorite NASCAR driver.
  21. I am two guns away from having my own militia.
  22. I eat foods right out of the woods
  23. I use an old fashioned lawn mower for my postage stamp of a yard.
  24. I do not require corrective lenses
  25. I have no cavities.
  26. I have broken three bones up until now.
  27. Right arm when I was in 1st grade, one finger I can't remember when, and pulled my left radius completely off my wrist snowboarding in 2002.
  28. I can't grow a full beard to save my life
  29. I never tasted a strawberry until I was 18.
  30. I once went on a date (with my future wife) to a nice classy seafood restaurant and ordered a cheeseburger.
  31. I have never smoked pot.
  32. I have a free subscription to Climbing Magazine.
  33. I have kayaked in Alaska.
  34. I have worked as industrial roofer.
  35. I have touched goat testicles.
  36. I wore a size 34/34 pant in High school and now I wear 38/34.
  37. I don't think the government should be up in my business.
  38. I have a titanium plate in my wrist as a result of number 27.
  39. I am fascinated by 20th century music.
  40. My favorite singer is Luciano Pavarotti.
  41. I think I am the only one who hasn't seen Charlie the unicorn.
  42. I think Earth day is a load of crap.
  43. I think the same for sweetest day.
  44. I also think that peanut butter no bake cookies are from the devil himself.
  45. I like shopping at Sam's club.
  46. I can remember the first time I used a cellular phone.
  47. I taught myself how to play the guitar.
  48. I can drink warm pop.
  49. My favorite instrument company is Yamaha.
  50. I have operated a bull dozer.
  51. My favorite sandwich is a pastrami on rye.
  52. I never liked cole slaw until I moved to WV. ( and the fact my wife forced it down my throat)
  53. I can talk about any sport at any time, but I rarely watch any game on TV at all.
  54. My all time favorite sport is baseball, hands down.
  55. I consider Weird Al Yankovic a genius.
  56. Blazing Saddles is my favorite Mel Brooks movie.
  57. The Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie trilogy
  58. I still own the same TV since 1995. I paid $90 for it.
  59. One of my wife's friends from high school used to babysit me.
  60. The first computer I touched was a commodore 64, green screen and all in the 7th grade.
  61. I started out playing the saxophone. My mom made me wait until the 6th grade.
  62. If I had to do it over, I would have played the trombone.
  63. I was in the boy scouts, not 4-H.
  64. I was once bitten by a chipmunk.
  65. We used to roller skate in my basement as a kid.
  66. I can't do math in my head at all. I have to stop and think through how to calculate a tip.
  67. I never dug with a shovel until about three years ago.
  68. I have traveled as far north as Juneau, Alaska.
  69. I have traveled as south as Nassau, Bahamas.
  70. I have my mom's dry hands.
  71. Kellen has my dry hands
  72. I have never traveled over seas.
  73. I am the one who started blogging first in our family, then it has spiraled out of control from there.
  74. I played organized football for one year. 8th grade.
  75. My hot stove baseball coach would always yell at me while in the out field, saying "Sleep at night!!!"
  76. I like peas, now. again see number 52.
  77. I don't like it when fast food restaurants fill your glass full of ice, then give you a drop of pop.
  78. I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh.
  79. I like Bill O' Reilly.
  80. I grew up with two younger brothers.
  81. The best employer I have ever worked for is UPS.
  82. I have hiked on the Appalachian trail (not the whole thing, mind you. That takes 6-8 months)
  83. I own a tuxedo.
  84. I rarely wear a tie anymore.
  85. I wear a belt more than I want to now.
  86. I have worked one year on my masters degree.
  87. I have been out of high school for 14 years.
  88. I flipped over a 7 ton dump truck full of tear roof off
  89. I sang with The Cleveland Opera on tour one summer.
  90. I don't think nursing homes are depressing.
  91. I know what HTML stands for.
  92. I ran hurdles in high school.
  93. I learned how to ride a bike without a helmet.
  94. I have never met any famous people. that I can remember.
  95. I don't watch any Cleveland sports because I need to keep my blood pressure down.
  96. After singing enough opera, I can talk with a lisp that puts Jack from Will & Grace to shame.
  97. I do not have any tattoos.
  98. I do not have to trim my ear hair, yet.
  99. I am addicted to StumbleUpon.
  100. I have kissed my cousin on the lips. More than once. Ask her about it.


Stephanie Appleton said...

That is a great list honey. Had Kellen and I laughing. Just one to disagree with though. Didn't you use your degree in 2000-2001 at Waynedale?

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

umm, no. No I wouldn't. I can't really describe that year at Waynedale. It definitely was NOT using my education.

Cher said...

I really enjoyed reading your list. Thanks for participating!

Cher said...

Question. How do I make my list a link like yours and Heathers?

Mandy said...

you could have left the kissing the cousin part out! Yuck! good list, though. I'm STILL working on mine.

Kokopelli said...

That seems like a lot of living wedged in with the music...must have been hectic for a while there. The Alaska thing must have been a lot of fun!

Kokopelli said...

You play guitar, huh? Ever try that "Guitar Hero" I hear so much about? Looks like a lot more fun and shooting things or flying/driving imaginary vehicles.

No, I don't play any instrument. Just started learning piano when I cut my hand pretty bad and couldn't bend my fingers.

Ron said...

ha! Great list... the goat testicles cracked me up pretty good. :) Guess I could say that I've hugged hog innards too. lol

That's pretty cool that you are self-taught guitar... I learned (all 3 chords!) by watching my parents when I was a kiddo.