Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We have had it. We have waited long enough. The speed was killing me. The grinding of the gears, the dust accumulating. The thing is almost 10 years old. I am rarely on it at home. I deliberately wait to get on at work. Heck, my phone is faster at home. I decided we needed to get a new one. I have a friend at work who is a real geek at this stuff. He said he would build it for me for free. So here's what I got.

Midsize tower with 450Watt PS
22" LCD monitor(that's bigger than our first television.)
Operating System-Vista Home Premium with free upgrade to Windows 7 Coupon
350Gig HD
DVD Burner
4Gig RAM
512Mb Video Card
Gigabyte Motherboard
Dual Core 2.5Ghz Intel

All for $529.92

I am speechless. I can't wait until next week.

I will continue the Tim Allen grunting for the next year..... argh, argh, argh


Jason Elliott said...

Sounds like a great system! That should do you guys for quite a while.

Ron said...

Now you can finally play Tetris...


It is amazing how much power you can buy nowadays for the money. I finally upgraded the old monstrous CRT to an LCD when prices came down... blew me away.


Jake said...

I couldn't believe that you have had that computer for almost 10 years. At one point Delilah and I were talking about buying a computer for you (Steph) for Christmas/birthday (until things turned for the worse) since she uses is so much for blogging. You know that say computers are obsolete 2 years after you buy them. Isn't that crazy?

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Jake-Wow that would have been a great present.. I am not surprised that computer go obsolete after two years. It seems quicker that that.

Jason- You know when your computer programmer friend says you have a good system. you have a good system...

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