Friday, June 19, 2009

O my

sorry I haven't been writing this month. The boss has me working in Charleston, so I have limited computer time. I have been building shelves for the office for floors that haven't seen the light of day for about 20 years and that's no joke. After 10 days and 20 shelves, I think I'm done building shelves. I seriously need to start selling things...

Stephanie is having a party tonight woman's night out I guess. I am tired and busy. This week I switched from diet to regular pop. I have been physically working hard enough to justify it.

I don't think there is any more non important stuff to tell you. Follow me on twitter you read more of me there for sure.

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Ron said...

Hey, Tim... I came over here all excited to read about your piggies - darn! :)

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some info?:
* do you keep boars?
* how do you control inbreeding?
* do you follow a cross-breeding method, or put the best sows/boars together?

Forgive any ignorance on my part, I'm just beginning to learn. The frustration of finding real good feeder pigs around here is pushing me hard in the direction of raising some myself. (Well, I do love them things too. :))

I wish you had more time for the blog! I'd love to read about your pigs!