Thursday, May 28, 2009

summer work goat

Well, most of my schools are out for the summer. and that means I am back in the office. inventory week is coming and collections (repo horns) are about to be collected, things that go on in the office. I will also be sitting in front of the computer more too.

I need to find another source of income. Stephanie has been kicking my butt lately in this area. She is crushing our debt each week and I love her for it. We have paid off at least two credit cards AND we are caught up on the mortgage (rental in A-town) that was behind 3 months. we are continuing to plug away at it and it feels good. I would highly suggest anyone in debt get out of debt ASAP. No matter what. It has been a hard lesson learned.

At the farm, we have been rotating cows and sheep in different pastures. We are almost to the point of a nice rotation to get the most out of all the pastures. We baled 130 bales of hay the week before memorial day weekend, dug a duck pond and filled it. This week it is mowing the pastures for even growth, (I still have a goat to butcher as well) then on to the saw mill to cut wood to add onto the pig barn that will house 4 sows and their litters that will show up in mid June. After that more hay, then I don't know what...

So about the Cavs.... I write this Thursday before game 5. Do I care? yes and no. I grew up too emotionally involved with Cleveland sports, so now that I am an adult, and moved 4 hours away... It is easier to deal with the consistant losing in Cleveland. So I still like Cleveland sports? Absolutely. Is my week effected by a Browns/Cavs/Indians loss? No. that's all I have to say about that.

I have been spending more time on Wolfram|Alpha lately. that is a fun website. and more time playing Super Mario Galaxy. I have 45 stars now....

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Jake said...

Is the duck pond holding water now? We probably had enough rain up here yesterday to overflow it.